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Floral Crown Fever

Maybe we are inspired by Cochella or by orange blossom crowns from the 1940s, either way we are in love with the floral crown concept! Here are a few from our designer Untamed Petals by Amanda Judge. Even her little kitty has a mini floral crown! My heart just melted when I saw that photo. If the floral crown is not for you, consider it for your bridesmaids or flower girl. Its a great way to tie in a trend that has actually be around for centuries! 

Love, Tali

Wedding Planning Part II: The DRESS

Before we talk tulle, lace, and buttons… let me fill you in on my story. As I mentioned in my Wedding Planning Part I, I am having a five month engagement. Also, I mentioned in the post that I would share my experiences of being a bride-to-be once a week on the blog. Its been very difficult for me to share all my experiences until now. I feel its important to tell the true story, not just share pretty photos.  

1. Finding one in a sea of white and ivory dresses.

The first dress that came to mind was an Ines Di Santo wedding dress. When I came back to the US engaged, we had Bridal Fashion Week the following month. As a Buyer, I attend all fashion shows. Designers we carry and designers we do not. My plan was to pick my dress from a new collection. I was beyond overwhelmed by the choices. I felt like a bride that goes to several stores on a dress shopping excursion. There are so many beautiful wedding dresses and of course our designers blew me away. Being engaged and seeing tons of wedding dresses was frustrating. I wanted them all. After two weeks, I decided to listen to my own advice. The advice I give brides every day: Don’t try on tons, don’t feel like you have to shop around just because other people think you should, and trust your gut. The next day, I bought the dress that I love. The first dress that came to mind. The Ines Di Santo dress I fell in love with! 

2. My wedding dress is over my “budget”.

If I used an online budget wedding worksheet, you would see that my wedding dress is way over “budget.”  It will account for about 20% of my wedding. While I had designers graciously offer me a free dress, my heart was set on walking down the aisle in one particular wedding dress. I can physically see myself walking down the aisle to Jason. So, with my own money I bought the dress that I will reference for the rest of my life. That to me is worth being a little broke for a while. I’ll cut back on shopping for ready to wear clothes for the next year or more to have the right wedding dress. At the end of the day, I don’t want to be the bride that renews her vows because she doesn’t like her wedding dress. Those are my reasons I happily spent more on my wedding dress than just about anything else at my wedding. Best part, my fiance was totally supportive and encouraging. 

3. Not every one is a fan.

Since I shop alone for other things, I decided to try on without my family and friends. Also, I wanted the first time they see me in a wedding dress in person to be on my wedding day. After a few days, I got a little antsy. I ended up texting the photo to a few relatives and friends. Let’s just say not all reactions were positive. Of course it would be great for everyone to be head over heels in love with my dress; however, I knew working on the industry that was not going to happen. Luckily the dress was already ordered so all doubt they could possibly create quickly vanished because MY decision was already made. 

4. The Details

I cannot spoil all the fun yet; however, I will share a few details. My dress is strapless, lace, and glamours! While my wedding dress is very current, it is not from a new collection. Its actually almost two years old. I love it. I will preserve it after the wedding and after I wear it around the house for a month :)

5. The Accessories

With the help of Gisele from Maria Elena Headpieces, we customized rose gold studs and a large rose gold cuff. Now I have to figure out the hair piece. I promised Jason I would wear my hair down for at least a the ceremony; however, I’m sliding my hair up right after. I’m keep my eye out for a fun hair piece. I’ll keep you posted on that.

Can you guess which Ines Di Santo dress I ordered?

The photos above are dresses I have tried on in the past for our instagram and facebook page. 

My Three Wedding Dress Style Picks for Kim Kardashian

The wedding weekend is here! Kim and Kayne are having a wedding weekend in Paris and Florence. No news has been released regarding her wedding dress. 

These days a second or third wedding doesn’t mean a colorful wedding dress. Kim can still wear a white or ivory wedding dress if that is what she feels the most bridal in. 

The first dress with ostrich feather detail is by Ines Di Santo. While it has a classic ballgown shape, the dress speaks volumes in regards to cutting edge fashion. The second dress is also an Ines Di Santo. The dress is covered in delicate swarovski detail with custom paisley pattern and will show off Kim’s hourglass shape. The third wedding dress is by Rivini. While the shape is tailored, the drama is in the detail. 

Which dress would you style Kim in?